Getting Started

To use ROSVITA, no complex installation process is necessary, because the ROSVITA Docker image already contains all the necessary packages and dependencies. All you need is an up-to-date Ubuntu operating system (preferentially Ubuntu 16.04 or higher) and an up-to-date internet browser (preferentially Google Chrome). Moreover, please read the ROSVITA license agreement.

To get ROSVITA, simply download the shell script get_rosvita, then change permissions to be able to execute the script and finally run the script, i.e. in a terminal type:

wget -q
chmod u+x get_rosvita

Here, we use wget to download the script. If not already installed, simply install wget via sudo apt install wget.

The script will:

  1. Install Docker if not already installed, and add user to group docker.

  2. Download the ROSVITA Docker image from Docker Hub.

  3. Download the ROSVITA start script: rosvita_start.

  4. Download the ROSVITA stop script: rosvita_stop.

  5. Create a desktop icon for starting ROSVITA.

  6. If not already in group docker, restart the computer to activate group changes.

Now you can start ROSVITA by double clicking the desktop icon, or by opening a terminal and running the start script by simply typing:


(To run ROSVITA in debug mode type rosvita_start --debug. Afterwards enter rosvita into the terminal, open a web browser and enter localhost:5000 into the address bar.)

As a result, the ROSVITA login screen appears in your default web browser. After successful login with username and password (default: admin and r2d2c3po), the ROSVITA main development environment opens (see next chapter).

To stop ROSVITA simply run the ROSVITA stop script:


To update ROSVITA simply run the get_rosvita script again, or use the following command:

docker pull xamla/rosvita:latest

With the terminal command docker images you will see all downloaded ROSVITA versions with corresponding image ids. Use docker rmi <image-id> to remove old versions and save disk space.

If you have any trouble or would like to give us feedback, feel free to visit our ROSVITA forum. Moreover, check out our ROSVITA tutorial videos, especially the ROSVITA quick start video.


We strongly recommend to run ROSVITA in Google Chrome, because in other internet browsers like Firefox the user experience will be limited due to the significantly slower browser performance.