Welcome to ROSVITA

ROSVITA is an easy-to-use in-browser robot programming environment based on the “Robot Operating System” ROS. ROS is a collection of open-source software libraries and programs for the development of robotic applications. The programming platform ROSVITA has as many degrees of freedom as ROS, but is characterized by its ease of use and the reliability of all integrated ROS components.

Why Rosvita?

ROSVITA’s intuitive user interface and high-quality 3D visualizations allow the user to interact with the robot and its environment in real-time. This enables the user to quickly test a variety of strategies to plan complex operations, such as sensor-feedback-driven pick-and-place operations. The ease of use and especially the graphical user interface of ROSVITA enable even inexperienced users to train complex robot behavior fast and easily. For more experienced users, an integrated source code editor is available. Of course, you can also use your own ROS nodes with the system and start your own experiments. The configuration of ROS including the robot motion planner “MoveIt!” can be done in just a few minutes. All integrated ROS components run reliably and can be used industrially immediately. In addition, ROSVITA has a visual workflow editor with expandable module system, a file browser, a text editor with shell integration for expert commands, and permanent monitoring of all system components using so-called “heartbeats” (periodically generated signals send from the individual components to the central system).

The main application area for ROSVITA is the programming of adaptive behavior of robot arms, in particular dual-arm robots and kinematics with more than 6 degrees of freedom. The associated end effectors and sensor heads developed by our company (http://xamla.com) are equipped with optical and tactile sensors and allow the robot to “see” and “feel” its environment. Together with our gripper jaw changing system, ROSVITA enables the use of a single robot cell assembly for a wide range of tasks.